Double 11 opening 1 hour 1600 tons of nuts 38 million liters of milk sold out

According to the official data released by Tmall, this year’s double 11 opening only one hour, 1600 tons of nuts, 38 million liters of dairy products, 400 tons of chocolate, 1.33 million bottles of edible oil are all sold out.

Within an hour, Tmall mother and baby, the food industry has given birth to 3 billion club players, including three squirrels broken 9 minutes, maternal and child brand Barabara broke through 7 minutes, and the cotton era broke through 100 minutes.

In addition, the imported fresh food is far from the original and the price is unattainable, and it is gradually becoming the home cooking on the Chinese table. In the first hour of opening, Ecuador’s white shrimp sold 13.6 million, an increase of 591%; Argentina red shrimp 1.52 million, an increase of 48%; Canada Arctic sweet shrimp 2.83 million; Southeast Asian black tiger shrimp 920,000, an increase of 25 %; steak sold 2.05 million pieces per hour, including 1.37 million Australian steaks, an increase of 123% year-on-year.