Double 11 goes to the tenth. Is the demand or desire in the full shopping cart?

Just entering the end of October, the SMS prompts on the phone began to become more lively. Most of the modern people’s mobile phones have not received inquiries or blessings from the living people. The lively content of the personification is behind the promotion news of the merchants: Tmall and Jingdong‘s “Double 11” warm-up period has started, the new one The “hands day” of the year is in sight again.

What is special about Tmall this year is that this is the 10th “Double 11” that the company faces. From the initial 50% discount to the current variety of math problems; from the initial E-Commerce shopping festival, there are still variety shows and fashion catwalks; from the beginning of the company’s front desk was overwhelmed by express parcels, and now still To keep your eyes on the wool in the store… Because of the more and more concepts and meanings that need to be carried, the form of Tmall “Double 11” has also changed.

Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, called this consumer festival created by himself at the launching ceremony of this year’s “Double 11” as “the commercial grand ceremonies of China” and the “Olympic Olympics”. In this way, the sales target for the new year must be “higher, faster, stronger”.

In the face of this large-scale artificial festival (or collective buying behavior) that is already rich in Chinese characteristics and the commercial organizations that have contributed to it, it is worthwhile to reflect on the occasion of the “10th Anniversary”. In fact, some of the reasons are obvious – just in the subconscious sliding screen, purchase and payment, they may be temporarily forgotten by you and me.

The rise of consumerism In the discussion of psychoanalysis, “demand” and “desire” are two concepts that can be distinguished. The power that consumerism can show is to stimulate more desires and let consumers mistake it for demand. Today, the material and spiritual supply is extremely rich, and the real needs of consumers are not difficult to satisfy, but Tmall “Double 11” succeeds in making more people believe through a dazzling “landscape society”. The conclusion that “buy and buy can make people become better themselves”.

Marketing, not profit-making In the discussion of E-Commerce website promotion in recent years, “getting the first thing to do math problems” is a big problem that can hardly be passed around. On the one hand, the “Double 11” official promotion is growing in popularity, which is one of the reasons for the sharp rise in marketing costs; on the other hand, strong and long-term subsidies to users should not become part of the business model. The so-called “wool is on the sheep”, with a small amount of profit, for the brand to do a series of influential marketing activities, is the E-Commerce platform that is the source of advertising can use the double 11 to earn money.

Do not suffer too much and suffer from unevenness. Consumers will spend a few weeks, months or even longer on the consumption of energy and accumulate in 24 hours, for the pre-brand production, stocking, and follow-up customer service. Logistics, financial systems and other aspects have a great impact. Even if “Double 11” is regarded as a “big training” under extreme conditions, this kind of social resources that is overloaded for the annual shopping festival should not and will not become the daily operation level of the future commercial society. .

Result-oriented stimulus Since the middle of 2016, Alibaba has stopped publishing the GMV operational indicator, and has been able to manage the opportunity of the leopard every year. Only the “Double 11”, which has been rapidly amplified by consumer appeal, is this time. In the last half hour of Tmall “Double 11” in 2017, the official accelerated the launch of a large number of coupons, and many of my friends were not willing to waste the opportunity to buy iPhone X with coupons. I don’t know that in the year, “Double 11” once again set a new transcript of the record – 168.2 billion yuan in sales, the final contribution of this turn-around operation.

Both reason and emotion can act on our consumption decisions: the former relies on the judgment of goods and industry information, and the analysis of their own needs, while the latter substitutes personality and story, giving the goods a higher psychological value. The “double 11” is just a scene where the reason and emotion collide quite badly.

As a shopping festival, “Double 11” naturally has its fun, but in the tenth year when the overall economic development is stable and even has a downward trend, it is necessary to mobilize social resources as strongly as in previous years to stimulate consumers’ desires. It has become more difficult.

“Buy, buy and buy” is not the way to solve the problem – in fact, this does not even solve most of the problems encountered in life. As a mature product, it is also difficult to become a solution to the new problems encountered in the future development of Alibaba. Regardless of how to expand and package, the golden age of this simple concept will finally pass, and reflection and innovation will drive the company to continue to grow. Business is like this.