Double 11 glory mobile phone sales won the first of the Tmall Jingdong dual platform

On November 12th, the 2018 Double 11 Global Carnival came to an end. Glory Mobile announced its record in Guanwei today: As of 24:00 on November 11, glory mobile phone brand sales in Tmall and Jingdong won the first platform.

Specifically, glory won the Tmall platform mobile phone brand sales, mobile phone brand official flagship store sales & sales triple crown; in the Jingdong platform to cover November 11 mobile phone sales & sales, and 11.1~11.11 mobile phone cumulative sales & Android The cumulative sales of mobile phones are four crowns. And Tmall platform brand sales, Jingdong platform sales & sales are beyond Apple.

On the day of 11.11, the glory Magic2, which was just released recently, won the double-champion of Android mobile phone sales & sales for the Tmall & Jingdong & Suning platform 4000-5000 price segment.

In 2016, Double 11, Glory Mobile won the Jingdong + Tmall Android mobile phone sales champion; 2017 double 11, glory mobile dual 11 dual platform total sales of 4.02 billion yuan.