Double 11 final battle new retail: Ali mobilization new player incoming

The annual double 11 is approaching. When the E-Commerce companies such as Jingdong, Vipshop and Suning Tesco are competing for traffic for the upcoming carnival, the Tmall Double 11 will usher in a milestone change.

On October 19th, Tmall announced that the double-player game in 2018 said that the Ali digital economy will be the first full-time All in, including the most competitive local life service, which will also join the double 11 promotion. At the 2018 Tmall Double 11 kick-off meeting held in Beijing, Tmall President Jing Jie said: “This year’s Tmall Double 11 is a milestone for the full transformation of mobile phones Tmall and Tmall, and the exciting has just begun.”

In the view of the new retail expert Yunyangzi, the Ali digital economy participated in the Tmall Double 11 for the first time and upgraded the Tmall Double 11 to Ali Double 11. The entire Ali system deeply embraces physical retailing is a big transformation of Tmall and its beginning. Encouraging brand owners to make a major shift in O2O omnichannel.

Digital economy All in

The first full member of the Ali digital economy All in is undoubtedly the biggest highlight of the Tmall Double 11. According to Tmall President Jing Jie at the 2018 Tmall Double 11 kick-off meeting held in Beijing, the Tmall Double 11 in 2018 is not only the carnival of the main E-Commerce platform, but also a “big parade” of Ali Digital Ecology.

It is reported that Ali’s E-Commerce platform plates Tmall, Taobao, offline merchants Super Yintai, actually home, RT-Mart, for the first time to participate in the Tmall double 11 local life service box horse, hungry and word of mouth, Ali is a free fish, Online applications such as Flying Pig, Youku, Shrimp Music, UC, and cross-border and overseas E-Commerce platforms such as Tmall International, Tmall Overseas, AliExpress, and Lazada will all be assembled in Double 11.

These platforms, with 180,000 brand merchants from all over the world and 200,000 brand stores across the city, cover almost all brands consumed in daily life, covering nearly 100 boxes of freshmen in 165 cities, and more than 470 stores. Home supermarkets, Intime Department Store’s 62 stores in 34 cities and 50,000 shopping guides, as well as the first time this year to fully join the Tmall Double 11 home in 41 stores in 27 cities across the country.

Compared to 2017, the Tmall Double 11 hit a new high both in terms of brand size and number of offline stores. However, in the industry’s view, this is the Tmall double 11 further moving toward “new retail.” In fact, in previous years, the main battlefields of all E-Commerce platforms were placed on the line, but in the past two years, the E-Commerce platforms such as Ali, Jingdong and Suning Tesco began to strengthen online and offline linkage. In 2018, in addition to the Tmall double 11 All in the digital economy, online and offline became a common trend in E-Commerce platforms.

On October 17, Suning Tesco announced that this year’s double 11 theme is “Soning on the Internet Street”, launching the Double 11 preemptive purchase activity, and the shopping subsidies that can be collected and used online and offline, will launch 10,000 full of the country. Industry stores participate. As a transformation E-Commerce from the bottom line, Suning will become the main battlefield of the double 11 offline activities. It is obvious that it wants to connect through the scenes and open up the online and offline channels.

At the same time, Jingdong also launched the 2018 Jingdong Global Good Things Festival kick-off meeting. It is reported that the offline store resources of the Double 11 Jingdong Collection include the innovative formats of Jingdong House and Jingdong Convenience Store in the country, as well as Jingdong and Lenovo, and five stars. Innovative stores that cooperate with many brands such as electrical appliances and TCL; in addition, Jingdong also cooperates with bank outlets, operator stores and other partners.

Judging from the frequent actions of the above E-Commerce giants, the warfare of the Double 11 has been extended from the online to the offline.

Ali’s E-Commerce anxiety

In fact, since Ali proposed the new retail concept in 2016, in the past two years, he has successively invested in entities such as Suning, Intime Commercial, Sanjiang Shopping, Bailian Group, Lianhua Supermarket and Real Home, and is still fresh. The incubation of the market sector has created a benchmark for new retail. As of now, it has become a new retail ecosystem with offline and online integration of self-operated and stock-based operations.

Therefore, in the view of Cao Lei, director of the E-Commerce Research Center, Ali has always been the commercial infrastructure of the digital economy. This year’s Tmall Double 11, the full participation of more businesses in the Ali digital economy is inevitable. “Double 11, is a big synergy. For Alibaba, it is also a good opportunity for running-in and training. Different businesses, from different scenarios, to reach and serve more users, to influence more formats. Merchant.”

However, it is undeniable that at the time of Tmall‘s 11th to the 10th year, Tmall‘s biggest pressure is to face how to continue to give users a surprise, how to mobilize a wider range of consumers. mood. In 2009, the turnover of Tmall Double 11 was 52 million yuan, up to 19.1 billion yuan in 2012, and then to 168.2 billion yuan in 2017, which kept a record, but its growth rate continued to slow down. 177% fell to 39.4% in 2017.

On the other hand, Tencent, which has always been obsessed with E-Commerce, is cutting in by means of smart retail. Not only will it include the two E-Commerce platforms of Jingdong and Vipshop in its shareholding in 2017, but also invest in Yonghui Supermarket and Carrefour, BBK. , Haishuo House and other offline business entities, and through the “capital + flow” investment method to form a new retail rival camp with Ali.

In addition, Tencent has become the largest black horse since its establishment as the second largest shareholder. It has been successfully listed in only three years, with users exceeding 300 million and a market value of nearly 30 billion yuan. The success of the fight has also proved that the electricity is saturated. In the business sector, there is also a sinking market with unlimited potential.

How to break the bureau, Cao Lei pointed out to the Times Weekly reporter that Tmall can open up in three directions: one is sinking, covering more three-five-five-six-six-line cities; one is globalization, from the Chinese market to the world; one is new retail From online, to online and offline integration, “these are the means to gain more users and gain a bigger market. Tmall has been expanding these three directions, and this time, the double 11, Tmall Vigorously launched the rural Taobao.”

New player entry

Yunyangzi pointed out to the Times Weekly reporter that in the many games of Ali’s double 11 game, one of the key details that was ignored was that on October 24, the mobile phone Tmall announced a comprehensive upgrade, automatically aggregated the surrounding business district based on the user’s geographic location. Experience activities, store good goods and consumer rights, forming a new retail city life application that integrates online shopping, smart business life and user scene experience.

This adjustment will make the mobile phone Tmall the entrance to Ali’s new retail city life, and the Ali double 11, which has abandoned the pure E-Commerce model, will have a good influence on the physical retail industry, and will also greatly increase its trading volume. .

Cao Lei predicts that this year’s Tmall double 11 is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan for the first time. In addition, other industry-wide E-Commerce platforms including Jingdong and Suning will be more than 300 billion yuan during the period. The growth of the level, constantly verifying the fact that this year’s peak will be the normal state next year.”

It is worth noting that as Ali seeks a shift in the E-Commerce model, the entire domestic E-Commerce situation is also facing new changes:

Under the capital increase, community group purchases have quietly risen; and today’s headlines that build their massive traffic in the sinking market are no longer satisfied with the diversion of Ali and JD. Baidu, which missed the mobile Internet era, has released another battleback to the E-Commerce battlefield. Willingness.

It is reported that from July to October 2018, in about 100 days, the cumulative inflow of funds in the community group buying market reached 2 billion yuan, and a large number of startup companies for the fresh market E-Commerce emerged. Among them, investors include Sequoia and IDG. , GGV and other big capital. In addition, today’s headlines have quietly launched a E-Commerce app called “value point”, and when the headline launched the beta test program portal in late September, there is speculation that it is preparing for E-Commerce.

On October 30, there were media reports that Baidu was secretly incubating an E-Commerce project named “Baiyou”. The strong promoter of this project was Xiang Hailong, the president of Baidu Search, and the team members of Baiyou’s products mainly came from Baidu search sales system, the platform will focus on fresh food products, take the consumption upgrade route. In the subsequent Baidu earnings conference call, Baidu Chairman and CEO Li Yanhong and CFO Yu Zhengxi mentioned that in the fourth quarter, games, real estate and E-Commerce will probably be the industry that Baidu has entered.

Yunyangzi analyzed from the Times Weekly reporter that in the future, Ali’s position in the E-Commerce industry is difficult to shake, but the E-Commerce sector may present a “1+N” pattern.