Darling’s first double eleven buy and buy Raiders, the real “family” carnival day

Double eleven has begun to enter the countdown stage. The biggest shopping carnival day of the year is no more than this day. The country’s large and small E-Commerce platforms and brand businesses are full of strength, various welfare allowances, red envelopes, and rules. Flying all over the sky. Under the bombardment of many activity rules, consumers have long been dazzled. In addition to working and living, it is difficult to have in-depth understanding and selection. In the case of a large amount of goods, there will be concerns about product quality and merchant services.

As a new E-Commerce platform with people-oriented and interaction as the core, Dalingjia always pays attention to the needs and ideas of consumers, and in order to meet the needs of users efficiently, Dalingjia is also the first double ten of this platform. I did my homework. Darling, who has always advocated quality life, does not need to question the quality of the goods. It is simple and clear, and it is the highlight of the carnival purchase.

Love home carnival, the real money-saving strategy

Darling Home 11.11 Aijia Carnival Shopping Festival will be officially opened at 9:00 am on November 9th. It takes only 3 steps to save money and save shopping tips! Tickets, selections, and alarm clocks. Easy to buy, enjoy the “family” treatment of high quality products at the lowest price. In addition, Darling will madly issue 3000 gift vouchers for everyone to “buy the family” to buy, buy and buy, and prepared a number of explosive products, just look at the products to set the alarm clock, you can start at the point.

If you are not satisfied with the purchase of explosive products, there are 6 major venues waiting for you, beauty makeup, food fresh, home department stores, clothing shoes and bags, maternal and child health care, Suning Tesco, etc. Better, to meet all the food and clothing. Breaking through the reserve price, not only 50% off! There is also a 50% off the top area, the second N-zone area, 198 minus 100 and VIP area, and the more you buy the more economical road.

The user’s pro-exposure, the choice of the family’s heart

Since the start of the “New Chinese Goods Plan”, all the selected explosive products and quality domestic products on the platform have experienced the pro-test of thousands of users. The so-called selection of products is word of mouth and quality, and it is not wrong to gather a lot of popular quality products. This time, the double-election of the Darling family is combined with historical data, and the selected products are all fine products. Color Lock muscle lock of the small gold lock products, children’s knowledge to pay for the explosion of the word “reasonable”, popular mask Eaoron bee venom mask, etc., thousands of explosives have been waiting for you to spike.

“Daring family” linkage, ready to go

Darling has always advocated “family culture”. We always want to leave the best for them. The Darlings also hope to provide all the quality and good things in the world to everyone. The core users are constantly interacting and communicating, and then the user needs are perceived for the first time. Darling is committed to building an industry-optimized ecosystem of consumer products with interaction as the core. The platform brings not only quality goods, but also a sense of participation and belonging. As the Double Eleven approaches, we will work hand-in-hand with all the “Daring Family” to prepare for the Carnival Day of the Darling House.