Curious Double 11 Inspiration Traceable Tour, Warm Heart Punch Korean Romantic New Landmark

This year’s double eleven, still home to be a sofa handcuffs at home? Curious to join hands with a good partner Tmall to take you through a different shopping festival. It is the tenth anniversary of Tmall‘s double eleventh. Curious to bring you global buy and buy, and the punch card is set in Seoul, South Korea, which is also “can’t stop when you buy it.” As a journey back to the source of this curious Korean inspiration, Curious invited the mothers of China and South Korea to gather romantic new landmarks to help Tmall Double 11 Global Punch Tour. Whether it’s a new landmark overlooking the Han River, the world is unique – the curious “thin” fun cafe or the 360° cornerless terrace overlooking the smashing Nanshan night scene, the participants from the online and offline are pleasantly surprised and set off a whole of Seoul. carnival.

The first stop of curiosity inspiration – the three islands of Hanjiang Pearl

Mishima stands on the surface of the Han River and is a landmark building that must be missed on the road to Jiangnan Jiangbei. It has a very beautiful name called Sebitseom, which means “three radiant islands” in Korean. Since its inception in 2014, it has become one of Seoul’s new landmarks. The island consists of three floating islands of flowers, flower buds and seeds that are shaped like Vista, Viva and Terra. It is just like the romantic night of Korean drama. Three night pearls set in the Han River are eye-catching. Curious not only selected the trip here, but also chose to open the special event at 11:11 local time. The stunning visual effects and the beautiful scenery of Mishima instantly ignited the scene.

Curious inspiration traces the second stop – Nanshan Tower panoramic curious “thin” fun cafe

The second stop of the curiosity traceability trip is also located in the South Mountain Tower, a landmark location in South Korea. It enjoys the reputation of NO.1, an overseas traveler’s checkpoint in Seoul. The scenic area has gathered many representative punching sites. The online red coffee shop, Oriole, is a new attraction for overseas tourists and local residents due to the special status of its coffee shop owner. In this curious and meticulous dress, Oriole has become a unique and curious “thin” fun cafe in the world. Many Chinese and Korean mothers have been interrogating the “thin” fun cafes on the same day, and have been raising children for many mothers. share it. In addition to the specially-designed curious diaper product area, there are a number of exclusive special decorations for the Tmall Double 11th Anniversary. Many Korean mothers who came here came to share the concept of Chinese and Korean parenting with the Chinese mothers on the Internet in a live webcast in the cafe, allowing many netizens to participate in the live event. The confusion and sweetness shared by the KOLs on the spot during the parenting process frequently ignited the live broadcast platform. On that day, the curiosity of hospitality and every guest presented sent their own curious exclusive double 11 gift, the scene also has black technology doll machine power double 11 sales, frequently occupying hot search on the Korean network.

The ultra-thin and gentle refreshing experience has always been curious to give moms a constant “core”. The special “Eva Black Technology” is a combination of “thin, tough, soft, dry and transparent”. The core is “technical, light and unburdened, does not pile up and break, always keep dry and breathable. The natural cotton material is natural and soft, which brings an unparalleled skin-friendly experience to the baby. It provides gentle protection for the baby and keeps the baby away from the red butt. In order to let more parents and babies enjoy a good night’s sleep, this double 11, the curious of the “core” has brought the value of the double 11 exclusive surprise in the Tmall direct store, the value of 600 minus 260 The best-selling activities have attracted many mothers to stock up for one year, bringing 365 days of gentle protection to the baby!

About curiosity

Curious Diapers (Curious® HUGGIES®) was born in 1978 and is the world’s leading baby diaper brand. Curious diapers are considered for the baby from every detail, allowing the baby to freely explore, discover and grow happily in his world. Curious brand has a research and development team of thousands of people, and hundreds of large-scale product tests are conducted every year. The small diapers already have a number of product patent technologies and lead the development of diaper categories. In China, Curious® HUGGIES® always follows the same philosophy and brings high quality care to Chinese babies.

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