Cross-platform cooperation Jingdong hand in hand Xiaomi

On November 7th, yesterday, Jingdong and Xiaomi’s boutique living E-Commerce platform Xiaomi has signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing, which is also a cross-platform cooperation.

The two will carry out in-depth cooperation from selected products, third-party brand incubation, commodity reverse customization, logistics and other aspects to jointly provide consumers with high-quality goods and services.

It is understood that Xiaomi has officially settled in Jingdong to open an official flagship store, carrying home, daily use, kitchen, home appliances, intelligence, audio and video, clothing, travel, cultural, health, diet, toiletries, luggage, baby and other categories Many boutiques settled in. And Xiaomi has a seamless connection from Jingdong to Jingdong, and the order is 30 minutes out of the warehouse. In the future, the two sides will further deepen cooperation and realize the further opening of warehousing and distribution.