Competing for “Double 11” traffic highland Jingdong landing base

The live broadcast and the E-Commerce department are in the “environment” of their respective fields. Whether it is the joint breakout or the warmth of the group, the boundaries of each other are gradually blurred. Recently, the Beijing Business Daily reporter was informed that Jingdong set up a live broadcast base to provide a fixed live broadcast site for the live broadcasters, and some merchants and brands sent samples to the live broadcast base.

In fact, “live + E-Commerce” is not a new model. Short video platforms interact frequently with E-Commerce companies. Many companies engaged in live broadcasts have already formed a complete marketing system. Net red, live broadcast companies, stores and platforms have a clear percentage of commissions. Commission allocation mechanism. Although the “live + E-Commerce” model has been widely used, E-Commerce companies still need to solve the problem of extending the user’s stay time, using public domain traffic to spur private domain traffic, and whether the traffic generated by the network red economy has objective liquidity. .

Luo Jia, general manager of the marketing department of Jingdong Mall Fashion Department, said in an interview with Beijing Business Daily that the first phase of the live broadcast base has 60 net red and 150 stores, and 30 anchors will be launched together in the same period.

In fact, Jingdong has already set up a live broadcast in the discovery channel of the Jingdong Mall main station before landing the live broadcast base. Taobao App’s home page is half-screened on the “Taobao Live”, the brand flagship store is on the Taobao live broadcast alone, the main matching clothes are also based on the store’s clothing. Not only limited to Jingdong and Taobao, Jumei Youpin also launched the discovery channel in September this year. The channel is mainly based on live broadcast and short video, including product recommendation, live show and other content.

Despite the fact that the network red economy and short video have gone awry, both of them hope to use E-Commerce to quickly realize the flow resources, but there are still many uncontrollable factors for E-Commerce companies. Extending the user’s stay time, using the public domain traffic to spur private domain traffic, and whether the traffic brought by the network red economy has an objective liquidity, etc., there are still no successful cases to follow.