BREEZEsquare double eleven big feedback, giving you an unprecedented discount!

Double eleven is coming! I don’t know how many mothers and dads who are going to spend their time on the double eleven intend to add new clothes to their babies? The annual double eleven is definitely the best time to add winter equipment to the baby, to understand the mood and needs of Chinese parents, and to give back to Chinese parents for years of love, BREEZEsquare will bring you super big in the double eleven Give feedback.

Now let’s take a look at the event preview!

Yes, BREEZEsquare is about to launch a double eleven day cat pre-sale winter clothing. The trend of the color, both warm and light design and tailoring, carefully selected materials, assembled into BREEZEsquare this winter pre-sale.

The pre-sale will start accepting the pre-sale deposit from 0:00 on October 20th, and will be closed until 22:00 on November 10th. The deposit paid during this period will be doubled when you purchase the purchase. 11 Surprise of the event price discount.

In addition, on November 1st will also launch the blessing bag spike activity, the 199 yuan blessing bag will contain 4 pieces of autumn and winter products.

From November 1st to November 10th, at 10 o’clock every day, there will be a 1 yuan spike coupon, which includes 400-40劵 and 800-80劵, 20 per day.

On the day of the event on November 11th, 0:00-2:00, the whole game will be folded for 10% off, and 5 pieces will be folded 8.5 fold. At 2:00-20:00, 4 pieces will be folded and 10% off.

The event is not only online, but the war has spread to the offline. The physical store will also issue double eleven mystery coupons, which can be combined with Tmall coupons!

BREEZEsquare was founded in Japan in 1998 and now has more than 300 directly operated stores, and has been working hard to provide the best dressing experience for children! At the same time, it is also a popular brand in cooperation with Champion and Disney in Japan, especially in the bottom.

Always dedicated to providing more choices for mothers to create a more comfortable dressing experience for children.

BREEZEsquare Tmall flagship store, waiting for you to double eleven big carnival!