Billion gambling countdown 36 days: Gree three quarters reported 148.7 billion can millet against

There are still 36 days from the deadline for Dong Mingzhu and Lei Jun’s “Billion Gambling”.

On October 31, Gree Electric released its third quarterly report. In the first three quarters of this year, revenue was 148.7 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34%. Although the data of Xiaomi has not been disclosed yet, from the semi-annual report, Xiaomi, with revenue of 79.6 billion yuan in the first half of the year, has a growth rate of 75%, and Gree, which has a 31% growth rate of 91 billion yuan, has also overtaken at the last moment. Not impossible.

On December 12, 2013, at the award ceremony of “China’s Economic Person of the Year”, Dong Mingzhu, the winner of Gree Electric Appliances, and Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, respectively, agreed as a representative of the traditional industry entity model and Internet marketing model. “One billion gambling bureau.”

Lei Jun said, “Can the Xiaomi model overcome the Gree model? I think the next five years. Please let the people of the country testify. Within five years, if our turnover beats Gree, Dong Mingzhu Dong lost me a dollar.”

Dong Mingzhu immediately responded: “First, (Millet is more than Gree) is impossible, and second, I have to bet on you to bet 10 billion.”

Do the air-conditioned millet, do the cell phone Gree

Gambling is about to become a success, Xiaomi and Gree should have returned to their respective industries to continue their efforts, but it seems that fate is intended to make the smell of gunpowder between Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu stronger, develop the whole ecological chain of millet, and the Gree towards diversified development. More or less stretched the tentacles to the other side of the field.

As early as 2015, Xiaomi and the United States launched i Youth Air Conditioning, and launched a geek air conditioner with Oaks to realize the interconnection of air conditioners and Xiaomi mobile phones, Xiaomi bracelets and Xiaomi smart home kits. However, the two air conditioners with a price of 2,699 yuan and 4,299 yuan did not cause a strong response in the market.

In August 2017, the company was responsible for the manufacture of Zhimi ecological chain enterprise Zhimi. The Zhimi full DC inverter air conditioner produced by Changhong was launched, but the air conditioner with a price of 4399 yuan could not be technically compared with the international mainstream brands of the same price. Take off from Xiaomi Mall.

In July this year, the unrelenting Lei Jun entered the air-conditioning field for the third time and launched the Mijia Internet Air Conditioning Co., Ltd. with a price of 1999 yuan and a public price of only 999.5 yuan. This time, the price of the Mijia air conditioner may be more in line with the taste of the rice noodles. In the official flagship store of Xiaomi’s Tmall, the air conditioner that participated in the double 11 pre-sale has been booked nearly 9,000.

Like the millet test water and air conditioning field, Gree’s mobile phone road has also experienced rough times.

In January 2015, Dong Mingzhu first stated that “Gree is a mobile phone and kills Xiaomi in minutes”. In March of the same year, Dong Mingzhu suddenly announced that the Gree mobile phone had been made, “I am already using it.”

However, it is clear that Gree’s sales channel has not kept up with Dong Mingzhu’s propaganda speed. On the one hand, the chairman shouted “We are coming to buy Gree mobile phones”. On the other hand, the head of Gree Electric Market Department was busy explaining to the media that the first Gree mobile phones took internal The form of sales, ordinary users are still not available from the mass market channel.

Gree mobile phone itself has also poked a lot of consumer slots, the price of 1600 yuan for the configuration of the thousand yuan machine, the propaganda of Dong Mingzhu’s own image after forced boot, etc., so that the final sales of this phone is bleak, far from Reach sales expectations.

In 2016, the second generation of Gree mobile phone was launched. In 2017, the third generation of “Greece” of Gree mobile phone was officially released. There were rumors of mobile phone sales, and Gree employees were forced to use Gree mobile phones. Dong Mingzhu’s mobile phone has not been popular yet. Buy it.

Needle tip

There has been a crossover in the business field, and Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu have become more and more gunpowder every time they mention “gambling.”

In 2013, Lei Jun said in an interview with People magazine that “Gree will lose no doubt”. In an interview with CCTV’s “Dialogue” column in 2014, Lei Jun further stated that “Galli will lose in another year or two.”

In December 2014, because Xiaomi was 1.266 billion yuan in the US, Dong Mingzhu said at the annual meeting of Chinese entrepreneurs: “Millet is not a great company. Xiaomi mobile phone is not a quality product. Xiaomi Ruo and Mei are two thieves. The combination.”

Lei Jun, who was on the same stage with her, responded by saying that the cooperation between Midea and Xiaomi was described as a by-product of betting with Gree, as if it was a small matter. “With the rapid growth of Xiaomi, I think that the calculation of Xiaomi itself (winning the gamble) is enough.”

At the opening forum of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in April 2017, Dong Mingzhu once again talked about the 1 billion big gambling game with Lei Jun. He laughed and said, “I will see it next year. No problem, I have already identified it, no problem!”

In April this year, Dong Mingzhu said that when the gambling bureau agreed, the National Audit Office would be required to audit the two companies. “This gambling contract will continue to be implemented and taken seriously.”

Winning and losing will be announced soon

When Lei Jun and Dong Mingzhu bet in 2013, Xiaomi and Gree’s turnover was still a huge gap of 30 billion to 100.1 billion, but during the five-year gambling period, Xiaomi and Gree experienced a lot of ups and downs, Xiaomi’s Although the entire ecological chain is not performing well in the air-conditioning field, it is still an important reliance to promote Xiaomi’s difficult period of decline in the mobile phone market in 2016. Gree’s transcripts in mobile phones, automobiles, chips and other businesses cannot be used. Satisfied, the revenue gap between the two companies has been shrinking.

As of the semi-annual report released this year, Gree’s revenue is only 11.4 billion yuan, but Xiaomi has a 75% revenue growth rate that Gree can’t match. Some analysts predict that in the whole year of 2018, Lei Jun will eventually win by 2 percentage points.

Lei Jun once promised that if Xiaomi wins, he will distribute the money to Xiaomi employees and all users who have bought Xiaomi products. If Dong Mingzhu is in charge, he will pay 100 million yuan to employees.