Apple’s retail store in the Louvre underground mall in France will close down

According to foreign media reports, according to foreign media reports, it is now a mixed moment for Apple fans in Paris. Apple opened its first retail store in the Louvre underground shopping mall (Carrousel du Louvre) in France. After nine years of operation, it was closed two days after the iPhone XR was on sale.

This is a regrettable moment for locals and tourists in Paris. Fortunately, however, Apple’s new retail store will open next month.

Let us now look back at the development of Apple’s famous Louvre retail store in a nostalgic mood.

Although Apple opened its retail store in the US in 2001, it did not establish its first retail store in France until 2009. For years, there have been rumors that Apple will open a retail store in France.

In June 2008, Apple finally confirmed that it would open a two-story retail store in the Louvre underground mall near the famous Louvre Museum.

This retail store is located on the west side of the Louvre pyramid. The shop door is facing the glass and the pyramid. The retail store was designed by architect I.M. Pei. He has designed a “suspended” staircase at the headquarters of NeXT Computer, the former founder of Apple, in Redwood City, California.

Like all major Apple retail stores, Apple will launch an art-themed event when it opens. In 2009, the fifth-generation iPod nano music player was a popular product at the time. Apple added the color and ratchet of its iPod nano to the theme artwork.

On November 7, 2009, when the Apple Louvre retail store officially opened, hundreds of tourists were waiting in line. The Apple retail store initially had 150 employees. Some employees are responsible for purchasing iPhones, activations, and settings. Above the rotating glass staircase, other employees are stationed in an L-shaped genius.

Some of the original employees worked here for 9 years and stayed close to the retail store.

In order to welcome the grand opening ceremony, accessory manufacturer Incase developed a souvenir, including a crossbody bag, a 13-inch MacBook Pro leather case and an iPhone 3GS sliding sleeve. All three souvenirs include blue and magenta pyramid patterns. At the time of opening, the Louvre Museum’s first iPhone app was also launched. It is similar to the original iOS Music app, where users can view information and photos of the museum in Cover Flow mode.

The Louvre retail store is Apple’s first retail store in France. Moreover, Apple also tested the iPod touch-based checkout system designed to create a modern shopping experience at the retail store. Later, Apple introduced the EasyPay mobile payment service, allowing consumers to purchase various accessories with their personal iOS devices.

In 2015, when the Apple Smart Watch was launched, the retail store was one of the few retail stores selected by Apple with the first generation of the Golden Apple Watch.

In 2017, Apple CEO Tim Cook visited the retail store during a visit to France and talked to the store’s employees and consumers.

Shortly after the opening of the Louvre retail store, former retail senior vice president Ron Johnson compared the importance of the retail store to the glass cube Apple retail store on Fifth Avenue in New York. At the time, Apple announced that it was preparing to open another 40-50 new retail stores in the second year. Soon, Apple opened its second retail store in France, the Odysseum retail store, which is based in a commercial center in Montpellier, France.

In the nine years since Apple opened its first retail store in France, the technology industry has undergone tremendous changes. The iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch now dominate the product display table and consumer interest of Apple retail stores. As sales and customer service gradually moved to the Internet, the functionality of Apple’s retail stores began to be questioned. The Louvre retail store is no longer able to offer a comprehensive shopping experience that meets consumer expectations.

Apple’s new retail store on the Champs Elysées in Paris will open next month, when it will launch a theme event centered on innovation and community. For centuries, the Champs Elysées has been a famous shopping street. In the future, Apple’s new retail store will become a sign like the Louvre retail store.