Apple released fourth-quarter results: revenue of 62.9 billion US dollars, an increase of 20%

On November 2nd, Apple announced its fourth-quarter results for fiscal year 2018. According to the report, Apple’s fourth-quarter revenue was $62.90 billion, up 20% from $52.279 billion in the same period last year. The service business revenue reached $10 billion, a record low; net profit was $14.125 billion, compared to last year. The same period of 10.714 billion US dollars increased by 32%. Among them, Greater China revenue was 11.11 billion US dollars, up 16% from the same period last year of 9.801 billion US dollars.

Apple’s fourth-quarter earnings per share and revenue exceeded Wall Street analysts’ previous expectations, but the outlook for the first fiscal quarter of FY 2019 was less than expected, resulting in its after-hours share price fell more than 4%. Today, Apple’s share price rose 3.36 US dollars in the Nasdaq’s regular trading, to close at 222.22 US dollars, or 1.54%.

Apple sold 46.889 million iPhones in the fourth quarter, which was basically the same as the 46.677 million in the same period last year; a total of 9.69 million iPads were sold, down 6% from 10.326 million in the same period last year; a total of 5.299 million sold The Mac, which is 2% lower than the 5.386 million units in the same period last year. It is worth mentioning that the iPhone sales growth has ensured a small increase in Apple’s recent quarters, but in fact sales growth is slowing down. To compensate for this shortcoming, Apple has increased the iPhone price to ensure its average selling price. Overall profit.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said: “We are excited to report that the quarterly performance has once again achieved a record-breaking performance, marking an excellent end to the 2018 fiscal year. In the year, iOS devices With shipments of $2 billion, the App Store app store celebrates its 10th anniversary and delivers the most powerful revenue and profit in Apple’s history.

Apple’s chief financial officer Luca Maestri said: “We achieved record performance during the year and achieved the best fourth-quarter results in history, in each region. Revenues have double-digit growth. We created $19.5 billion in operating cash flow in the fourth quarter and returned more than $23 billion in cash to shareholders through the distribution of dividends and repurchased shares. The total return capital of FY 2018 has reached nearly $90 billion.”