An annual sales of phoenix is ​​160 million, conquering thousands of hot pot restaurants, and Haidilao is a fan of it.

Have you seen yuba that can be reduced to soy milk?

Have you cooked soy milk at home?

Usually, after the soy milk is boiled, a film is formed on the surface.

The clever Chinese picked the film out and dried it to make a very delicious food. It is yuba.

That is to say, yuba comes from soy milk. Ideally, yuba should be reduced to soy milk.

However, because soy milk contains very rich protein and carbohydrates, after a long time of heating, Maillard reaction is easy to occur, and the color of yuba produced is very deep, and the quality is suddenly worse.

Therefore, the seemingly simple yuba is not simple.

Some unscrupulous businessmen didn’t want to waste money to improve their crafts, and they wanted to make more money, so they moved their minds:

Add antifoaming agent illegally, remove the foam when the soy milk is heated, and conveniently judge whether the soy milk is boiling;

Adding borax to the soymilk increases the strength of the bean skin, making the yuba more easily shaped and not broken;

Use sulphur and white stalks to whiten the yuba, so that low-quality yuba can be sold at a good price;

Whether it is defoamer, borax, white block or sulfur, the health hazard is very large and has long been classified as a banned food additive.

Until now, these poisonous yuba are still circulating in the market, and they are repeatedly banned. To a large extent, because in the yuba industry, additives are the default existence, as long as they do not exceed the standard. Such as yuba reinforced agent and cooking resistance.

This is true of human nature, especially in businesses that are profit-oriented.

In order to reduce costs, those unscrupulous traders will use cheap starch or corn flour instead of soybeans, but the yuba is so bad and the taste is not good. Therefore, it is necessary to add a large amount of yuba reinforced agent and boiling agent. The yuba that is produced in this way should not be reduced to soy milk, and even cooked in a pressure cooker for two hours is not bad.

All of this, Kang Deyun, the founder of the bean golden yuba, is in the eye. To this end, she spent two years, starting with raw materials, and planting high-protein, non-GMO soybeans.

Later, she improved the production process of traditional yuba, and created the principle of 8 flushing and 8 washing to ensure the sterility of production. In addition, advanced technologies such as German ultrafine grinding technology and micro-pressure pulping system have been introduced.

The yuba produced in this way is guaranteed to be added, and it can be reduced to soy milk after cooking for about 40 minutes!

And the reason why Kant Cloud is so obsessive about producing yuba without added is because of the true story that happened to her side.

Her friend’s daughter loved the food on the stalls since she was a child. Later, she was diagnosed with leukemia. The girl was admitted to the university. The admission notice came, but the person left in the summer.

Plain, she believes that girls with leukemia and these junk foods must have a relationship.

Therefore, when Kant Cloud entered the food industry, he vowed not to produce junk food. “As long as I am still in this industry, I must produce safe food that children can eat.”

Soybean yuba has become the first yuba brand in China that can reduce yuba to soy milk. The first yuba brand with non-GMO soybean planting base is the first yuba brand to receive Chinese green food certification.

3 years without profit, business manager led the team to leave

Even if the yuba has not been added, but because of its high cost and high price, after three years, the peas of gold yuba have not been sold.

How expensive is bean yuba?

On Tmall, 10 bags of wet yuba are priced at 298 yuan, and a bag of 107g of wet yuba is priced at 29.8 yuan. How much?

There are only so many pictures below, one speculation, two people eat too little.

The high price makes the salesmen have no confidence to promote, because the price of yuba in the market is only 1/5 or even less than the price of beans.

Business managers and Kant cloud can discuss whether they can reduce the cost, otherwise everyone can’t live, but he insists on producing only yuba without added.

After doing yuba for 3 years, there was no profit. Finally, the business manager left the company with the sales team.

With an annual sales of 160 million, it will become the king of yuba

The price is difficult to enter the market, and Kang Deyun has no money to do propaganda. He can only recommend it to people over and over again, and speak with quality.

The sky is not lost, there are people.

In 2015, Bean Golden Yuba finally ushered in the first guest.

At that time, the owner of the Linyi Xiangxia Hot Pot heard the story of Bean Gold and personally went to the Bean Gold Company to inspect a series of production and transportation links such as soybean raw materials, workshop production, and cold storage.

He said with emotion: “There is not much in the workshop hygiene control.”

After the inspection, he did not hesitate to place orders. Until now, Bean Gold and Xiangtian still maintain a friendly cooperative relationship.

This year, Bean Gold finally achieved profitability.

After this, Bean Gold began to force the hot pot market, and sales also experienced explosive growth.

Today, in the yuba industry, Bean Gold is the second, no one dares to call the first: 83 cooperative hot pot brands, more than 13,700 hot pot stores, annual sales of 160 million!

What is the concept of 83 brands in the top 100 brands? Basically, you are entering any of the brand hot pot restaurants. The yuba you eat is bean gold.

In the picture, there is only a small part of the brand hot pot of bean gold cooperation, including the hot pot brands such as Haidilao, Banu, Xiangtianxia and Yuanyi.

The feeling is that the hot pot without the bean gold yuba can not be called the brand hot pot!

In 2018, Bean Gold maintained its ultra-high growth rate, which is expected to reach 130% growth this year, which means that the cooperation of hot pot stores will exceed 20,000.

In order to keep up with the rapidly growing market, Bean Gold is also stepping up its capacity expansion.

Up to now, Bean Gold has 53,000 mu of non-GM soybean planting base. By 2019, it will expand to more than 150,000 mu.

In the 7 years of entrepreneurship, Bean Gold finally ushered in its embarrassing moment.

Subdivided industries also have a large market

It is often felt that in today’s era of monopoly, there is no background and nothing can be done.

But in fact, every era does not lack the story of grassroots counterattacks.

The starting point of Kang Deyun is lower than many of us. After the marriage, both husband and wife rely on recycling old bottles for life, dirty and tired. But they worked hard and hard, and finally they made a fortune to turn to the wine industry. After that, it entered the soy product industry.

Kant’s success is only because of the most simple psychology: to produce safe food.

Of course, as an E-Commerce company, in addition to encouraging entrepreneurs to stick to the initial heart, business analysis is also indispensable.

In addition to insisting on making no added food, what is the reason for the success of Bean Gold?

First, the sub-segmented industry also has a large market;

Yuba is a versatile king. It is simple and easy to taste. Basically everyone loves it. This means that Yuba has broad market prospects.

However, the production of yuba is mainly based on small workshops, and has not yet formed a national brand. Among the business opportunities, there is no need to say more about the wind, everyone knows. Single items can also be made into explosive products and made into big brands.

In fact, in our lives, there are many business opportunities that seem ordinary but are ignored by us.

Second, the hot pot market;

In recent years, the hot pot business is very popular. According to the “2017 China Catering Report” released by the US group, the number of hot pot stores ranks third among all categories, but the turnover is ranked first, and 22% of the restaurant turnover is Contributed by the hot pot. Yuba is a must-have item for many people to eat hot pot.

Bean gold yuba is expensive, directly facing the C-end consumer, it is really difficult to accept, but in the hot pot restaurant, a piece of yuba 20 is a normal price.

In addition, the hot pot industry is highly competitive, and it tends to pay more attention to the quality of raw materials than the average fast food company. This can be seen from the fact that 83 brands in the hot pot industry have ordered bean gold.

This also inspires us, when your product is difficult to be accepted by consumers because of high prices, why not turn a corner and sell it to the B-side business, of course, the premise is that your quality is hard enough.

Third, marketing is doing well, and sales are not bothering.

Bean gold yuba does not cost money to advertise, but does not mean it does not understand marketing.

On its packaging, “such as detecting the natural gold yuba of Beans, adding any harmful substances, rewarding 100,000 yuan” is its best marketing and landing.

Because of the quality of the product, thousands of sayings are not as effective as the actual action. The reward of 100,000 yuan can be more than 10 times stronger than the “seven days without reason to return” and “not good for full refund”.

This also conveys the brand’s extreme self-confidence, so that consumers can not help but believe in the brand.

Of course, the shortcomings of Bean Gold are as obvious as its advantages, that is, the product structure is too singular, the sales channels are too high, and the risks are relatively concentrated.

In the revenue of bean gold, the sales of yuba accounted for more than 80%. Although the market space of yuba is still very large, its sales channel mainly relies on hot pot restaurants. Once the hot pot industry has a large-scale bankruptcy, it will be difficult for Bean Gold. Following.

Although Bean Gold has also settled in such well-known E-Commerce platforms as Tmall, Jingdong, Daily Fresh, Original Life, and Box Horse Fresh. However, for C-side consumers, the dead hole of Bean Gold still exists, that is, the price is high.

How can we make C-end consumers accept the biggest problem of bean gold.

In addition, Bean Gold started out as a casual bean dry bean. Nowadays, casual snack food products are very popular. From the squirrels of three squirrels, you can also see one or two. Bean gold should also develop casual snacks while developing the main business of yuba. The product is done.

Kang Deyun said that she wants to be a century-old brand. Now she is only 7 years old. For bean gold, this is just the beginning.