Ali and Feng’s retail reached a cooperation to integrate the online and offline advantages of both parties

On the afternoon of November 6, Alibaba Group and Fengshi Retail Group jointly announced the strategic cooperation at the first China International Import Expo held in Shanghai today. Ali will mainly provide new retail channels for brands such as Tmall and Intime, and Fengshi Retail will provide more offline channel support. The two parties will integrate the advantages of each other online and offline, and are committed to helping more lifestyle-leading brands in the world enter China smoothly.

At the signing ceremony, Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong said: “Alibaba is very honored to start a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Feng’s retail group during the historic import fair, hoping for Ali’s new retail base capabilities, data, technical capabilities and Feng’s The huge brand and supply chain resources can be deeply integrated to help more global brands enter the Chinese market and succeed, opening a new chapter in new retail.”

Feng Yiyi, Managing Director of Fung Retail Group, said: “The retail industry is experiencing exponential changes, and we are also changing. Through this exciting cooperation with Alibaba, we can help our customers better understand the Chinese retail industry. Smooth access to China’s 1.4 billion consumers. With the changing consumer behavior and innovative breakthroughs in retail technology, we hope to continue to innovate in the way of doing business in an evolving retail landscape.”

The following is the speech of Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong in Feng’s retail cooperation:

At the first import fair, we reached a strategic cooperation agreement. For Ali, I am very happy to have extensive cooperation with the Feng Group. Everyone knows that after 19 years of development, Ali has built a vast commercial infrastructure around consumer, financial, logistics, cloud computing, including cultural entertainment and local life services in recent years, and established a vast consumer connection every year. There are 600 million consumers in the consumption, these consumers need a variety of products, brands and goods, especially like this year’s import fair is also a manifestation of China’s opening to the outside world. I believe that in the future, more and more good goods and brands will be able to come to China.

Ali hopes to play a unique role in the middle. Using such a digital platform, these goods can be distributed not only to China, but also to China, and more importantly, through digital methods, to reach every Chinese consumption. And every family. Today, we cooperate with Feng Group, we hope to cooperate together to introduce overseas brands, to help these brands to manage efficiently through Feng’s production supply chain, through the efficient management of retail stores and the operation of new digital retail stores in Ali, online and offline integration. Operation and marketing can be combined to help these overseas brands become more efficient and easier to land in China. It sounds like a very good business, but how to become a reality, we work together to make more success stories of brands in China, which is the core content of our cooperation.

We are very happy to have such a start. It is true that all overseas brands now want to come to China. All brands want to succeed in China, but how to succeed, it needs a golden key. Today Ali and Feng work together, we both There are very strong things in their respective areas of expertise.

Feng’s operations in production supply chain, logistics, and retail stores, while Ali’s online platform for consumers, new retail technology, online and offline integration technology, the entire marketing tools, payment, logistics. In these respects, we are able to generate a lot of chemical reactions. I also very much hope that we can have very specific and one-by-one cases as soon as possible after today’s cooperation ceremony. We can bring some brands to China and be successful. Thank you!