After the double eleven or ushered in the return of the tide e-commerce platform problems frequently to be resolved

On November 14th, the annual “Double Eleven” came to an end. Tmall‘s single-day turnover reached 213.5 billion yuan and broke the historical record. However, online E-Commerce will face the “return tide” while stealing the transaction volume. “And more problems exposed after shopping spree.

Recently, many consumers have reported an abnormality in the Taobao refund interface after 0:00 on the 12th. In this regard, the Tmall Double 11 Organizing Committee issued an announcement called a rumor. The Tmall Double 11 Organizing Committee stated that purchase, refund, and payment are a complete associated trading system, and one of the faults will not occur.

According to the “Electronic Business News”, according to the Tmall announcement, due to the huge traffic during the event, the number of orders generated is too large, the day of the double 11 event, the consumer has paid the undelivered order does not support the application for refund, the payment has been shipped Support for a refund. The refund function was opened at 0:00 on November 12, 2018, but in order to continue to ensure a smooth purchase experience, the refund process was limited to 10 minutes at 0:00 on the 12th. In fact, since the double eleven is not allowed to return on the day, the peak of the return will often be ushered in the week after the 11th.

In the history of the Double Eleven, the Ali Group did not publicly announce the issue of return, or deducted the sales of the return from the sales of the day. Industry insiders analyzed that the normal industry return rate is normal at 10%, and the return rate can reach 30% in the double eleven, especially the clothes and shoes area is the hardest hit area of ​​return, skin care products, toys are relatively returned The rate is relatively low, and the return rate is exactly what, only Alibaba knows.

From the analysis of the return situation in previous years, there are many reasons for the “return tide”. First of all, the shopping enthusiasm of the double eleven will also affect the decision-making of some consumers. One is to reduce the amount of the order, and the one that does not need the goods after obtaining the discount. Refunds, one is impulsive shopping, and I want to refund after I recover. Secondly, the poor quality is also one of the reasons for the return, and most of them are concentrated in the clothing field. According to their incomplete statistics, according to their incomplete statistics, after the “Double 11”, the company’s return business increased by 3%, mainly due to color difference. , the code number is wrong, does not match the picture, and so on. On the other hand, the newly revised “Consumer Rights Protection Law” promulgated this year, the implementation of the “Internet shopping within seven days can be no reason to return” and other provisions, provides legal support for consumer online shopping rights protection, but also gives consumers a “repent” right”.

The emergence of “return tide” also reflects the fact that E-Commerce sales have repeatedly created records, and there are still many areas that need improvement and improvement. The E-Commerce platform pursues the quantity of sales and the quality also needs to go up, and quality refers not only to the quality of the goods themselves, but also the quality of after-sales service, as well as the fairness and reasonableness of the E-Commerce platform marketing rules. In addition, consumers should also remain sensible, avoid impulsive consumption and lead to regrets. Before “hands-on”, they still have to purchase according to their own needs. Excessive return rate, in addition to causing a lot of pressure on logistics, also bring to the business. The impact of credibility.

This year is the eleventh anniversary of the double eleventh. Previously, the annual double eleven will expose some problems. For example, the E-Commerce platform forcibly requires the business team to “select one”, such as the “return tide” after the double eleven, and then the double eleven offer. The rules of discounting are too cumbersome and so on. It is a good thing that all E-Commerce platforms continue to refresh their sales records. However, if we look at the double eleven in a comprehensive way, we can’t just see these. If we solve the problem first, we can develop a long-term.