3,500 brands, 1.2 million small stores through the retail through the battle Tmall double 11

On November 13th, yesterday, as the retail channel of Alibaba’s new retail strategy, the Tmall double 11 report was released: a total of 3,500 brands and 1.2 million small stores participated in the Tmall double 11 through retail sales, and the transaction volume increased by 5 times. The number of retail stores has doubled. On the same day, the number of brands with a transaction volume exceeding 10 million was 20 times higher than that of the same period last year.

It is understood that Tmall double 11 on the same day, the extraordinary emperor created three historical highs, the transaction volume increased by 300% compared with last year’s double 11; Alpine 80 sticks of lollipop transaction volume increased by 300% compared with last year’s double 11, the highest daily sales shop Compared with last year, the double 11 increased by 700%. Rui Ao Cocktail Double 11 trading volume is 20 times the average daily sales. The number of shop purchases generated by the Baicaowei production order has increased by 11 times compared with the daily transaction data.

The dealer is also in the double 11 “opening”, the main general manager of the Golden Dragon Fish, six walnuts, Haitian, and other brands of Hubei Dingyuan Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. He Ran said that before the retail outlet, the monthly sales are Between 100,000 and 300,000, the sales of this year’s double 11 is 24 times that of the previous month.

Alibaba’s director of marketing operations, Tu Xiaoyu, said that this year, Tmall Double 11, Retail has launched a number of new ways to make the retail channel’s digital marketing advantages of precision marketing the most.

For example, through the company’s partner into the county town activities, the double eleven atmosphere was brought into the county, attracting nearly 30,000 small stores in 360 counties to participate, sinking the brand and opening up the double eleven instant access.

In addition, the retail channel also launched a first-line partner, combined with Blue Moon, Unilever, Uni-President, Nestle and other brands to do a series of marketing activities in key cities across the country, increasing the perception of brands in small stores and end consumers.

This year, Tmall double 11, retail communication also opened online access for 200,000 small stores nationwide, consumers use mobile phone Taobao to divide 1 billion shopping red packets for small store consumption. These profit-making activities for end consumers have effectively helped small stores to win customers, making small stores more profitable and increasing the confidence of small stores.

Tu Xiaoyu said that many attempts by Tmall 11 not only reflect the mobility and universality of the retail communication model with the brand and dealers, but also the advantages of digital channels.