35 seconds to break the billion UNIQLO won the Tmall double eleven men and women topped the list

On November 12th, Tmall‘s tenth double 11 collection, according to the latest list data, 35 seconds to break the UNIQLO occupied the top of the men’s and women’s category sales list.

According to the “Electronic Business Daily”, the Tmall double eleven men’s clothing brand list shows that the top three are: Uniqlo / Uniqlo, GXG, PEACEBIRD / Peacebird; Tmall double eleven women’s brand list shows, ranked The top three are: Uniqlo/Uniqlo, ONLY, VERO MODA.

At the beginning of the double eleventh, the sales of the Uniqlo Tmall flagship store took only 35 seconds. The 17-year and 16-year breaks are one minute, two minutes and 53 seconds.

Uniqlo said that the two sales channels of Uniqlo 2018 double eleven stores and online stores continued to be hot, and continued to maintain double-digit growth. The online store’s full-platform merchandise and service experience was re-innovated, and the thoughtfulness of satisfying customers’ deep expectations.