20 beauty brands 8 hours to break through 100 million Chinese goods hundred birds antelope lead Tmall double 11

At 0:00 on November 11th, Tmall Double 11 officially kicked off the commercial Olympic Games. The major brands competed fiercely and competed for the “breaking billion” C position: 30 minutes of opening, Baique Ling announced that it broke 100 million; 35 Minutes, L’Oreal broke through 100 million; 50 minutes, the natural hall broke 100 million… At 3:30 in the morning, Tmall beauty sales broke the record of last year.

The rushing handcuffs snatched a piece of skin care, essence or lipstick with an extremely fast speed, with an amazing speed and quantity.

According to data from Tmall, the sales of three beauty brands including Baique Ling, L’Oreal and Nature Hall exceeded 100 million yuan in the first hour of Double 11 and entered the list of “100 million clubs” without any suspense.

Up to now, this list has added dozens of new and powerful members: OLAY, Lancome, Estee Lauder, HomeFacialPro, SK-II, Winona, Innisfree, Sea Blue Puzzle, Shiseido, Elizabeth Arden, MAC, Perfect Diary One leaf, wis has broken billions.

As a beauty brand that has won the Tmall Double 11 championship for three consecutive years, Baique Ling has a remarkable performance in this year’s double 11 and grasps the leading edge. Among them, the hundred que ante ante 甄 方 方 胜 win box 90 minutes sales exceeded 30,000 pieces, Xiaozheng mask 2 points 22 seconds smashed 100,000 pieces, became the first members of the top billion club.

At the point of “City Club Play”, the domestic brand has won several international big names and has also received beautiful transcripts.

This year’s double 11, Tmall released a total of more than 20,000 new beauty and creative products, earned enough attention during the pre-sale period, and the “combined name” led by the domestic goods, “fashion king fried” is the brand From the word of mouth to the popularity of the win-win situation, it also gave birth to many unexpected industry dark horses.

When the opening point was 0:00, these creative products were immediately robbed: 20,000 pieces of BB cream, which was designed as Want Want Snow Cake, sold out, and the joint urinal mask of Curious and Nature Hall sold for 910,000. Pieces, net red perfume – the cool white perfume of the scent library flagship store exceeded the sales of last year for 10 minutes.

As a brand that has just been “electric shock”, the perfect diary of the make-up brand participated in the Tmall double 11 in the first year of this year, and the results are impressive. The pre-sale payment of the last paragraph began 1 hour and 28 minutes, the perfect diary turnover broke through 100 million, becoming the first multi-billion makeup brand.

Of course, the international big names are not far behind, and the star products from MAC, Estee Lauder, Lancome and OLAY are well-deserved blasts on Tmall. The mysterious beauty brand Hailan mystery, for Tmall specifically launched a 15ml half-packed cream, so that many 95 after the eager to try, join the purchase of the army, in this Tmall double 11 opening 1 hour to sell the sea blue mystery price up to The global limited edition cream of 17,200 yuan was sold out. The sales volume was 10 times of the sales volume in the first ten months. In the opening 8 hours, Lancome powder sold 300,000 bottles, which became a well-deserved star item. Red Network’s OLAY small white bottle family sold nearly a million pieces.

It is reported that the explosive power of the beauty international brand comes from the increasingly close cooperation with Tmall. This cooperation has been deepened from the original local E-Commerce team to the brand’s global headquarters, which also laid the foundation for the outbreak of the Tmall Double 11.

The master has a trick, the fight is the internal strength; the strong team is against the base, the fight is the defense. Up to now, the Tmall Double 11 commercial Olympics is still in full swing. As the hottest champions in the arena, we will wait and see who will win the final championship medal.