12 hours turnover exceeded 150 billion! Tmall double 11 breaks the record again

At 11:08:40 on November 11th, the turnover of 2018 Tmall double 11 exceeded 150 billion, which is only one step away from breaking the record of the double 11 full-day transaction last year.

Within 12 hours, 2018 days of the cat double 11 have 167 brands turnover of over 100 million, reaching the number of double 11 all-day last year. Tmall double 11 went to the tenth year. Under the empowerment of Alibaba’s commercial operating system, 180,000 brands and hundreds of millions of consumers around the world broke out with great energy, which wrote a vivid footnote for the current wave of consumption upgrades in Chinese society.

From the first second, in 2018, the Tmall Double 11 is constantly setting records and creating a new history: after the start of zero, it will break through 1 billion in just 21 seconds, and it will take 7 seconds faster than last year; 2 minutes and 05 seconds will break 10 billion. It took nearly a minute to use it last year; 1 hour, 47 minutes and 26 seconds broke the 100 billion mark, and it took more than 7 hours faster than last year! As of 12:01, the logistics order volume exceeded 700 million. At 10:36 in the morning, the logistics order volume has exceeded 657 million in 2016, which is more than 8 hours faster than last year.

From online to offline, from city to country, from China to overseas, Tmall Double 11 is like “a fire in the winter”, completely igniting the enthusiasm of consumers, showing the strong vitality and consumer confidence of the Chinese economy. .

There is no suspense in the creation of new records. In the next 10 hours, the miracle that belongs to the Tmall Double 11 will continue, but people are not concerned about the numbers themselves. Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong once pointed out: “The new heights of the business world and consumer life experience will become accustomed to the future.” In the past ten years, from the online promotion initiated by a company to the participation of global merchants and consumers, online and offline Resonant Commercial Olympics, Tmall Double 11 has become the vane of China’s commercial upgrades and consumption upgrades.

From now on to the midnight on the 12th, every surprise and expectation created by Tmall Double 11 will continue to boost the confidence of mass consumption, and will let people see the infinite possibilities of digital power to empower the real economy.

12 hours of transactions over 150 billion, 167 brands over 100 million, consumption upgrades in your shopping cart

Tmall double 11 on the opening of the news on the news, 180,000 brands smashed the global business Olympics, the turnover continues to record: only 2 hours, over 100 million brands reached 105; 9 hours, 140 brands over 100 million. As of 12 noon, the number of Tmall double 11 “100 million clubs” has passed 167, reaching the number of double 11 all-day last year.

Consumer enthusiasm is like fire, Tmall industry has ushered in explosive growth: opening 30 minutes, medical and beauty industry turnover exceeded last year; 3 hours and 30 minutes, Tmall beauty industry turnover exceeded last year; 6 hours 29 points, Tmall International turnover exceeded last year; less than 8 hours, Tmall supermarket turnover exceeded last year; less than 9 hours, Tmall care industry turnover exceeded last year; less than 10 hours The turnover of Tmall medicine and the turnover of Tmall vehicles exceeded the whole of last year.

From the hot-selling categories and commodities, this year’s Tmall double 11 consumption upgrade momentum is fierce:

The luxury brands of fashion cosmetics have sold out. The opening ceremony lasted for 1 hour. The global limited edition cream sold at a price of 17,200 yuan was sold out. The sales volume was 10 times that of the first ten months. The opening time was 8 hours. Selling 300,000 bottles, it is a well-deserved star item. The Italian luxury brand VERSACE participated in the Tmall double 11 for the first year. The pre-sale has just opened for 3 days, and the number of scheduled products has exceeded 20 times that of the daily one. On November 11th, the past five minutes have broken through a million.

High-quality goods and imported goods have become the trend of consumption. Tmall International’s 9-hour record shows that Japan’s refa beauty instrument, Kao diaper, City doctor’s astringent water, British Dyson hair dryer, Spanish martiderm ampoules, etc. 10,000 transactions; Australian women’s ozlana 30 minutes of transactions have exceeded the local store sales of 30 days. In terms of imported seafood, within 1 hour, Canadian sweet shrimp sold 2.83 million, Australian steak 1.37 million was robbed, and Mexican avocado sold 140,000.

The popularity of high-end trendy goods indicates that the new middle class is coming. One hour after the opening, the electric toothbrush sold 120,000, and the light luxury standard smart trash can sold 15,000.

More and more consumers are willing to pay for their hobbies. Apple iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and other new mobile phones, sales exceeded 100 million in 30 minutes; within one hour, Dajiang Lingbi Osmo Mobile 2 drone, GoPro HERO7 Black, Raytheon 911 ME game is sold out, speed replenishment .

The series of records of Tmall Double 11 is the commercial potential released by the resonance of 180,000 global brands and hundreds of millions of consumers. It shows the surge of China’s social consumption upgrade and highlights the leading role of Alibaba’s commercial operating system in China’s business transformation.

From the 27 brands in the first year to the participation of 180,000 brands this year, from the single apparel industry to the mobile phone digital, home appliances, cars, beauty, food, maternal and child, books and other categories, Tmall double The development history of 11 is the growth history of the brand power relying on the digital platform.

400 city line under the big carnival, showing the future of Chinese consumption

At 0:09:02 in the morning, this year’s Tmall Double 11 first cup Starbucks coffee was hungry, and the “special star sent” brother was sent to a Shanghai consumer.

At the same time, Tmall Double 11 stimulated the consumption of online consumption, and also went to the streets, towns and villages to unlock the rushing consumption power of the vast offline market. With 100 new retail outlets nationwide, 200,000 smart stores, 62 Intime Department Stores, 41 Home Furnishing Homes, nearly 100 boxes of fresh horses, more than 470 new retailers, 1 million hungry and word-of-mouth merchants as the starting point, the festival The atmosphere reached its boiling point this weekend.

Although the shopping malls around the world have made a full plan for this year’s Tmall Double 11, this morning, the core business districts of 12 cities including Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen are still beyond imagination. It is reported that more than 40 first-line cosmetics brands in Hangzhou Wulin Yintai have been replenished 5 times since November 1; because of the number of people using mobile phones to grab red packets and play interactive games, mobile signal vehicles are arranged around the Yintai Gate, supporting Panic buying.

Box Ma Xiansheng Beijing Jinyuan Store and Dajiao Plaza Store opened on the 11th. At 11:36 this morning, the box horse opened only 2 and a half hours, and the turnover has exceeded the whole of last year.

The new home retail store represented by the home of the family has long queued up in the early morning. As of 10:52 in the morning, the turnover of new retail stores in the country has exceeded 2 billion yuan and is still growing rapidly.

The first time to join the Tmall Double 11 local life service ushered in a good start: in the first 30 minutes, there are nearly 800,000 users in the entrance to the monument APP to buy offline eating and drinking packages in advance, the number of purchases is more than three times the daily. 9 hours after the start of Tmall Double 11, hungry, the new retail orders including Shangchao convenience, fruit and vegetable flowers and pharmaceutical distribution increased by nearly 120% year-on-year.

Not only that, hungry, word of mouth full scene consumption, online KFC, Burger King and other big-name gourmet ice point special spike, offline is the national 100 city “empty” convenience store, Starbucks limited time 1 yuan seconds, million merchants 24 hours takeaway A happy scene without snoring. At the entrance of the restaurant, many customers waited for the order to buy goods on Tmall, and there was no delay in a “business”.

Today, no matter which city in China, whether it is online or offline shopping, or take-away, going out to the restaurant, watching movies, going on a trip, singing and singing… you can enjoy the benefits of Tmall Double 11 and feel the Tmall double 11 Happy.

The logistics order volume broke through 700 million in 12 hours, and the biopayment era came.

The annual Double 11 is a major test of social and commercial infrastructure such as commerce, payment, logistics and services, and constantly pushes the limits of commercial efficiency. This year, Alibaba continues to deliver more than expected answers:

The latest data from the rookie network shows that at 12:01, the logistics order volume exceeded 700 million. At 10:36 in the morning, the logistics order volume has exceeded 657 million in 2016, which is more than 8 hours faster than last year, showing the strong vitality and consumer confidence of the Chinese economy.

Despite the increasing number of parcels, the logistics timeliness is getting faster and faster. This year, Tmall double 11, multi-form, multi-format “minute-level distribution” has gradually become the new logistics normal. As of 8:00 am, 263 cities (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) have signed parcels, and consumers in Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Chongqing and Shenyang received the most packages. Compared with previous years, this year, more consumers of Tmall Double 11 enjoyed the ultimate logistics experience of “Mid-night orders, morning receipts”.

Cross-border logistics has also been greatly accelerated. Under the joint efforts of the General Administration of Customs and the rookie, as of 9:01 am on the 11th, the customs clearance of double 11 import orders quickly exceeded 10 million, which was 10 and a half hours faster than last year. The intelligent logistics backbone network once again set a new record. Second-level customs clearance” new record.

The Double 11 is also a technical training ground every year. Double 11 “forces” a lot of new technologies. These new technologies not only serve the double 11, but also become the wealth of the industry and society, which is convenient for the daily life of users, and biological payment is one of them. In order to enable users to smoothly “snap” in the double 11, Alipay has been exploring various warm technologies. This year, the bio-payments represented by fingerprints and brush faces are placed on the stage center to provide users with silky smooth online shopping and payment. Experience. Statistics show that it takes 3 seconds to enter a 6-digit password, and 1 second for a fingerprint payment. With strong and solid technical support, every consumer gets a silky and smooth online shopping and payment experience.

The world enters the picking time zone, the double 11 is just beginning

This year, Tmall Double 11 is also the most global double 11 in the past decade. Not only Chinese consumers can purchase good goods from 75 countries through Tmall International, which are distributed to overseas users in all corners of the world, through AliExpress, Lazada and Daraz III. The big platform can also enjoy the double 11 experience of “not leaving home, buying all over the world”.

At 0:00 on November 11th, more than 200 countries and regions around the world entered the “package area” and participated in the Tmall Double 11 to cover every time zone in the world. Among them, AliExpress Double 11 was sold at 0:00 on November 11 (11:00 on November 10, Beijing time) and ended at 23:59 on November 12, achieving 48 hours of carnival for the first time.

In Russia, 100 local brands participated in the Russian local double 11 through AliExpress. In Spain, the largest local department store group, Ingles and AliExpress, the brand opened in the AliExpress, offering more than 3,000 items, and through the flash shop form to achieve online and offline deep integration.

More than half of the global business Olympics, according to the rules of previous years, from the evening of the 11th, Tmall double 11 will once again enter a new round of carnival climax. Due to the weekend of the double 11 this year, the enthusiasm of the gangsters is not blocked by the working hours, and can be released.

But in Zhang Yong’s view, GMV and numbers are just one result of the day. “The most important thing is what we can bring to consumers with the business, what we have achieved together in business transformation and business innovation.”

The diversified business scenes in Alibaba’s economy and the resulting data assets are combined with Alibaba’s fast-moving cloud computing to form a unique “Alibaba commercial operating system” that is fully empowering brands, businesses and businesses. Complete the digital transformation. The Tmall Double 11 has become the best showcase for this operating system.

The record itself is not important. What matters is the future picture behind the record: Alibaba’s commercial operating system creates a better experience for consumers, allowing brands and companies to see the tremendous energy of China’s new business.