11.1 Since the chastity, from the pot to help the e-commerce practitioners prepare for the double eleven

11.11. As a product of the E-Commerce era, it is not only a carnival of E-Commerce, but also a shopping experience with a sense of ritual. This year, 11.11 is coming, E-Commerce people are once again encouraging morale, and they are ready to do a big job in order to “service” everyone!

According to insiders of various home appliance companies, as early as August, many E-Commerce companies are filled with the feeling of one dollar and overtime. The daily work mode is: work → meeting → overtime → meeting, every day at the work station, or in the chair of the conference room, can not wait to stare at the data and reports.

It’s good to sleep well.

Perhaps you have heard of the Internet company’s 996 overtime mode, the major E-Commerce partners told us a new overtime mode: 007 mode. It is working from 0 to 0, working 24 hours a day, and working seven days a week. This is simply working overtime with a rope. When you are tired, go to the tent and sleep bag for a while. After you get up, wash your face and continue to work. Let employees work overtime and rest, and devote themselves to the preparation mode of the Double Eleven.

In addition to these overtime employees working on the front line, “logistics support” has to keep up. Ali’s photo of the double quilt overtime employees’ quilt photos last year has exploded. This year Ali upgraded the service. In addition to tents, mattresses, quilts, there will be a flash massage service, tired and tired, there will be someone to your station to give you a massage.

Whether it is Ali, or other excellent companies, in their eyes, talent must be capital, and companies must be willing to invest in talent. Only thousands of times of investment, will not lose the chain in front of the big things, work together! And when employees are on the front line, don’t forget to give them the greatest support at the rear!

To sleep well, eat well.

All the soldiers used it for a while, and there were thousands of days to raise their soldiers. In order to prepare for this 11.11, Jingdong Supermarket also opened the 11.11 Global Good Things Festival swearing-in meeting early, and in such a hot scene, the most striking thing is that every table must have – from the shabu-shabu. Exit C, from the Shabu-shabu to help Jingdong Supermarket employees prepare for the “Global Good Things Festival.”

Since the shabu-shabu makes the hot pot a sense of ritual, the positive energy is transmitted through the food, so that the Jingdong supermarket employees who have finished the hot pot can resurrect with blood and work hard.

E-Commerce equipment from the shabu-shabu, performance blush together

Who can take care of electric businessmen when they can’t sleep well? When everyone has to wait for an electric rush to rush, who cares about the hot meal that the electric merchant immediately sent? From the shabu-shabu, just take a cup of cold water and rely on your own heating bag. Wait 15 minutes to present a steaming authentic Chongqing hot pot. The delicious and tempting self-cooking pot has swept a lot of large-scale Internet companies and became the physical fitness of the E-Commerce practitioners. Because they only have enough food and food, they have physical strength and more fighting spirit to sprint this year’s consumption. Carnival!

From the shabu-shabu to create “11.1 self-sacred festival”, the same price as the double 11, delicious do not wait!

Before the arrival of 11.11, the self-made pot will be the “self-sacred festival” that you want, and the price is the same as the double 11, delicious and not waiting! Let the majority of employees who need to work overtime do not need to take out, feel free to do so, and strive to create a higher performance 11.11 overtime meal, there is self-drying pot power, more continuous motivation!