About Us


ChinaBizAdvisor was founded by a team of industry veterans. We focus on helping foreign companies to run their business successfully in China. We do not make money by formation your company.

Our Intention

ChinaBizAdvisor is a new company founded by a team of industry veterans. Most of our team members have served in the Chinese division of foreign businesses for over 10 years. We know why so many companies fail in China. Our intention was to truly help foreign companies to enter the giant Chinese market.

Your Success

Running a successful business in China is not easy. Although the market is giant and Chinese consumers love foreign brands, there are a lot of traps that would eat your investment. We are here to help you avoid those traps and make each penny of your investment worth it.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to build a platform which connects foreign entrepreneurs and the Chinese market. Resources on this platform are transparent, means you can get everything a local Chinese company could get. This platform is an accelerator providing services to each aspect of your business.